Human Ego, the value of zero

September 7, 2012
By shruti105 SILVER, Singapore, Other
shruti105 SILVER, Singapore, Other
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Human Ego, the value of zero: How to Perceive Society? (Dedicated to a friend)

Quoting from the previous chapters, "Every individual lives up to their definitions of perfection or at least try to". It can therefore be concluded that every human has built his own world of pride. Pride and ego, to the aspiring new generation, are the most valuable treasures that they hold themselves up to. This is probably the only bit of self evaluation that even the lowest of all minds tend to protect. Why do people who are at the same wavelength, maturity and intellect level, fall into fights for trivial matters?

It is because of the fact that either of them has directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally have offended the other person's ego or pride. It is actually a matter of sheer shame for the person who has been hurt.

This, in fact, symbolises how much that person values his intellect and ego. A person, who is able to decide how you should feel by boosting or hurting your ego, is surely someone of great say in the walls of your pride. Don’t you think by letting anyone do that, you are becoming inconsistent with your own values of your ego? How can you let someone, other than you, yourself, decide how you should feel? What right do they claim to play with your state of mind? The fact that you allow them to hold a position, a stand in your life, where they have the power to fill your brain with negative energy is a plausible sign of inconsistency on your part. The fact that you position them high enough to judge your actions and in fact, somewhere down the line, persuade you to think in line with them, is indeed a matter of sheer shame for you. Do such people actually deserve the energy of your brain, your time? Mind you, here we‘re only referring to people who do not matter to you. Even if they do matter, do they matter to you more than yourself and your ego or pride? If they do, only then should you let them decide for you.

If the key to success is indifference, then the key to indifference is value of your ego and pride.

If you could comprehend and accept what the above paragraphs were intended to get across, then for once you have been inconsistent with your ego to be never incoherent with it again.

It is because I have decided how your ego should feel about itself.

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