Free From the Grasp

September 5, 2012
By , Billerica, MA
Am I just a shadow of your past? So easily forgotten? So easily disposed of? I gave you everything, friendship, trust, love, and everything I hold dear to. But that wasn’t enough was it? I know I’m not perfect but I tried my best. But you walked out the door, slamming it in my face. Then you left and I felt as though a piece of my soul just died along with it. Maybe it was hard for you to handle me but have you ever thought. What, if we stood by each others side til the very end. Things wouldn’t be the way things are now. You pushed me into a corner, pushing me under, pulling me farther like a wrist band waiting for me to rip. Feels like everyday is the same. Empty, broken, shallow, over and over I try to forget. But over and over you suck me back in , making me feel this pain. Like you enjoy seeing me getting burned. Are you done yet? Playing these pathetic games because I am. I look at you and I could see the bitterness surrounding you. Consumed by your own thoughts, you forget to look around you and think. How do you think are? Do you think you’re better then the rest? What gives you the right to judge someone. Your looks, brains, or you’re status. Please don’t make me laugh. Because in the end you’re the same like me. You’re human, you’re imperfect, you bleed red just like the rest. Let me tell you know thing, I’m now free from your grasp, this life and another. I grew into someone else, I’m becoming someone I can be proud of. I don’t need you anymore in my life. I’m starting to rebuild the world your ripped apart.

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