The Dark Ages

August 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Some people might say that the ending of the teenage years are the dark ages of their lives. When they had more fun, when they did all those crazy things they still tell you about, and when they did most of the things they regret today. My dark ages are just starting. My senior year is full of fun things and intriguing situations. Full of friend drama and change. Mostly change! The biggest change of all is realizing that friendships that I though would last forever will probably not. The biggest one has been realizing that the smallest of things can make you hate someone you though you truly loved And who you though truly loved you back. You need to understand that the closest thing I’ve ever had to loving and trusting someone was with my best male friend. We told each other everything and even did a thing or two we shouldn't have had because we knew each other too much but now I don’t know if it was ever really real. Maybe he just wanted that all along. To have a FWB relation and to then stop talking to me. All I know is that I am mad at him first for speaking up to me about telling my friend he had a girlfriend,- a very good friend I would have been if I was to let you do that- but I didn’t even do it on porpoise, it just slipped. Second of all for making fun of me when I specifically told you to tell no one about it! And third of all for not apologizing for any of it. I thought we were better than that. I guess we sometimes build it in our heads. Just how we wanted it to be and expect it to fall perfectly on our laps. But all I know is that if you were never interest on being my friend then tough luck! I was interested I though we were and still are and will always be the best of friends the world has seen, even if we have problems like normal boyfriend girlfriend relationship we are still unbeatable. Now if you want to go and throw it all away just because you realized you threw away the last two years of your life, then go ahead but please spare my feelings. I'm always here... just so you know.

The author's comments:
Cherish your friends!

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