Lost love, broken and hurt

August 22, 2012
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The one time I had thought that I had finally found someone who cared, didn't, or maybe he did? We were in the parking lot waiting for a ride home when he hugged me and turned me around and started to kiss my neck. He made it to my cheek and stopped. I could tell his lips were asking for permission, and I let him kiss me. He was the guy of my dreams, and a dream I had about him had come true. About a week later I get a message from some girl. She was furious at me and was cussing me out in the text. I was confused until my friend texted me explaining what had happened. The bottom line was, he had a girlfriend when he kissed me, also he had told one of my friends that he loved her the day before. We were all furious and started a lot of drama. I didn't handle the drama so well and went on a bloke ride and crashed. I broke one finger and sprained my wrist and other fingers. He broke me down even further than I was before.....

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