Give Me a Chance

August 25, 2012
By VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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"The things you do when no one is looking is what defines you."
"Without bitter, sweet isn't so sweet after all."

So today, I was inspired. Well most days I am but not like today. I watched maybe over 50 poetry slams and probably under 30 spoken words. Between ordering take out, taking a nap and drinking juice box this took up maybe 4 hrs of my day. But all this is just a warm up so don't stop reading yet. Back to the matter at hand, I was inspired today. By over 80 souls standing in front of crowds and camcorders, speaking their body language and moving their words to get one message across to have an influence on your mind so just for the slightest second you experience, understand or live of moment of their life. Just for a moment they stand and they want you to see what they see, breathe what they breathe, and if you engage their thoughts and marry their soul you'll feel it, feel the inspiration that I feel. Although I sit and type to only leak emotions out of my finger tips and let my key board sink them in, I'll resign my chair for a moment. For you to hear the slurs and tremble in my voice. See one day I hope to be on the other side of the camcorder and up from my chair, I would like to feel my knees buckle at the sound of the introduction to my name and feel my heart pass out from the applause that follows, I want you to breathe what I breathe, feel what I feel, and believe what I believe, even if for the slightest second the wind whispers my name past your ear or your stomach growls the melody of my existence I want you to fear what I fear only for a second if that's all it takes for you to be inspired, exactly how I want inspiration to taste. Sour, bitter or sweet the topic of the day I want you to feel my kiss upon your cheek. I want you to be intrigued by the buckling of my knees, the trembles and cracks in my tone as my emotions leak out of my mouth and not my finger tips anymore as they sink into your intellect and dissolve into your mind no more will my keyboard be stained, but just for the slightest second I want you to be inspired and become me.

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