Writers Block

August 21, 2012
By k8husted PLATINUM, Central Point, Oregon
k8husted PLATINUM, Central Point, Oregon
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Writers block...Block. Block. Block.
It happens to the best of us,
The writers, journalist, poets, The one's that will write and write and write, until one day they cant.
There are no words. Except for useless one's, like; cant, impossible, give up.
So then you try to think of something, ANYTHING to write, you start with something simple like that orange sitting next to you...
Well its orange...and round... and... citrusy?
Again that darn writers block is there. Not like a wall. Oh no, its more like a huge brick wall, filled with words that you just cant fit together and comma's and periods and nouns and verbs and words that you've never even heard before, like...
Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious, which then you look up and realize that its just some fancy word for Good. Good, you think, all that for a four letter word. A four letter word that you see nearly a hundred times on 3rd grade papers. How was your weekend? good. How are you? good. How's that chocolate milk fatty? good.
So now you just sit there, staring at the computer, waiting for it to tell you what to write. write. write. Until finally you give up, feeling hopeless, being defeated by writers block again. You think, "well there's always tomorrow" and that's true. But why let it win? Where would we be today if Nirvana had gotten writers block, given up and never wrote "Smells like Teen Spirit"? Or if J.K Rowling had decided that there was no way she could write all seven Harry Potter books because writers block had gotten in her way? The answer: We'd survive.
So Goodnight, until another day Writer's block. Block. Block. Block.

The author's comments:
Thank you Ms.Singleton :) For the great idea

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