"Bare Walls, Deceit, and Sincere Sublimity"

August 13, 2012
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“Bare Walls”

Part I
Every night, before I go to sleep, I look at the damage on the walls- boldly conspicuous. I listen to the yelling slowly fade as I descend down the stairs. But it’s never entirely gone- not really.
My body is overcome with helplessness. If I interfered, what would I say? What would he do? How would mom pay?
The weight of my uselessness gets heavier and darker as the days pass by. We are such a happy family until he steps into the room. Soon, the room dips down, our hearts pound, and his deceitful cheeriness bounces of the walls. Grimaces cover my eyes and the façade pulls down to my neck.
Whoever I –we- were before is gone in a glance.

Part II
Every hint of sympathy is soon overshadowed by his fraudulent intentions.
We won’t back down.
This will be over once and for all.
His clock has run out.
As has ours.
It’s time to stop living behind lies.
And avoiding his eyes.
Power comes within inner strength.
Which is at its strongest,
Now that the deceit is at its highest.
It’ll take some time.
But the outcome will be sincerely sublime.

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