"why am i still here"

July 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Sometimes i sit in my room and cry just thinking to myself why am i here?
Most times i am by myself no matter what it is i have no-one to laugh with me i have no-one who wants to spend time with me and i'm pretty sure they too wonder why am i still here i'm useless , i'm sad, i'm a loner, so why am i living in a world when i don't even belong i have dreams but i don't know if i will ever succeed in them!
i have hopes and wishes but they probably will never come true!
so if there is nothing in this world for me WHY AM I STILL HERE?
i try my hardest in everything not to prove that i'm better than any
but to prove to the world that i am good at something because whatever i say ,i feel,i do it is wrong
so can someone in this whole universe tell me.........

why am i still here...

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