August 2, 2012
By Anna00 BRONZE, Kannur, Other
Anna00 BRONZE, Kannur, Other
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It is not the number of times you breathe in life which counts, but the number of times your breath is taken away...

Blanket, Michael Jackson’s daughter once said, “My father has been the greatest Dad ever since the time I was born.”

I say the same ….

My father is not a very talented artist or a famous musician. He is neither a brilliant scientist nor a multi- millionaire. But the way I look at life, he is my mentor.

My father is a Physics lecturer who has educated many of today’s young men and women. From their words I know that he has succeeded in teaching them life beyond physics. To his colleagues, he is an open hearted friend who expects nothing in return for his help. He is very forthright and has stepped on his fair share of toes. He doesn’t have any enemies but knows that everyone can’t be your friend.

To me, he is the best role model I could ever have. He doesn’t give me unlimited freedom but he has never held me back. He didn’t get me the latest iPod but yes, I own a phone. He doesn’t always side with me but he gives me a fair chance to justify myself. He makes sure that I experience the consequences of my actions. He believes that children should grow up listening to good music, watching good movies, reading good books that enrich their lives. He considers me as a responsible 17 year old and not as a whimsical teenager.

My father has taught me that to know your strength, you must swim against the current – both in water and in life. He believes that life is nothing without a few scars and so does what he thinks is right. He is not always the winner and accepts his faults graciously. He is never in a rush to reach the church but is always a Good Samaritan. He believes in God but not in mortal adoration.

“Life is not about the people who act true to your face. It is about those who remain true to your back.”

From my father’s life, I have realised that every failure is an opportunity to appreciate your friends who pick you up. He once told me that everyone will respect the king, only a gentleman will respect a beggar. His words find true meaning in today’s world. He never imposes his opinions on anyone. From him I know that you should have no regrets in life. He keeps telling often that if you get a crown and wear it around all the time, there will be no space for another and so you will not get another one. To succeed with humility and to lose with grace, I have learnt from my father.

When half the world has problems within their families, with their family members, I guess I am one of the lucky ones to have an understanding friend within my father

I do not hero worship my father, I believe in him…

The author's comments:
People say that a daughter is always more attached to her father than to her mother. I don't know if its true.But what I do know is that my father is the ONE MAN I will truly care for ALWAYS.

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