Ten Ways to Tell Your in Love

July 23, 2012
By HannahNoel BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
HannahNoel BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes the best choice, isn't the easiest." "You can't always have the answer."

1) You can be comfortable with the person
2) They can make you smile for no reason
3) When you kiss, you feel "sparks"
4) Just the smallest touch makes your body tremble
5) You need them to say sweet dreams to you every night or else you have bad dreams
6) They can make you smile or cry in just a matter of seconds
7) You'd do anything for them
8) They're on your mind 24/7
9) You don't want to be anywhere else but in their arms
10) All those crazy love songs start to make sense

The author's comments:
Just how I am when it comes to my boyfriend. I know I love him and all those people who say that I'm to young to know what love is, I loved knew I loved my parents when I was born so I think I know who I love when I'm 14 =P

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