I don't know.

July 19, 2012
By Kikkaaa GOLD, Pasadena, Texas
Kikkaaa GOLD, Pasadena, Texas
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"Nothing is forever"

Everybody sais to love, to forget and forgive, what if i cant forget or forgive,what if i cant love, what if i do something i will regret, what if i kill, I'm not saying I'm gonna kill others, i mean what if i kill myself, what if someone cut in too deep into my soul that i cant, or don't want to be in this cruel world anymore, I've stopped myself soo many times from killing myself, but i feel like I'm already dead, i feel like i have ALWAYS cared and loved everybody, no matter what they have done to me, but nobody has loved me back, a loot of people have said they love me but they just say it but they don't show it, people have said that their my friends, but their really not, they end up hurting me, i use to tell my "friends" my feelings and my secrets, but i learned that i cant trust anyone, now i have a boy telling me that he loves me but i don't know if i should trust him, i want to trust him, but I've had too many bad experience's that i don't know what to think, but i really do think hes the one, and the ONLY one that i am ever gonna trust, if hes not, i know ill move on cause I'm a fighter.

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