The Night

July 19, 2012
By kbeckman SILVER, Kenosha, Wisconsin
kbeckman SILVER, Kenosha, Wisconsin
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When does evening pass to day? Does the night cease when you sleep, and then begin anew when you awake from a fitful slumber? How can one be sure of a new day, when the previous one never met its end? These questions hold no answers; the day begins when one wants it to. One could sleep for fifteen or even five minutes, and then claim the beginning of a new day. Perhaps life revolves so tediously, so remarkably, around one’s sleep schedule, or the predictable schedule of everyday life, that we take each new day for granted. We forget that waking up to the beauty of a new day is a privilege; it is something we have grown accustomed to, for obvious reason.

Staying awake past the hours of a reasonable bedtime grants one a new perspective of life. Minutes bleed into hours, and time seems to quicken from the dark hours of night, into the first rays of morning. The scheduled rigidity of life seems unimportant; instead we let our minds wander, our creativity flow. Nocturnal creatures are often associated with solitude; there is little wonder as to why, seeing as there are few people who would choose the solace of night over the comfort of sleeping through these precious hours.

To me, night morphing to day is more than a change in date; it creates another chance for the previous day’s regret, it presents a new future for the unfortunate. The light that creeps in through your shades is not so much a promise, as it is a challenge. Make this day better than your previous one; strive to accomplish something more than you thought possible. Don’t be afraid of the dark though; after all, some of the most striking thoughts occur at 4 AM.

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