Children Are The Future...Right?

July 15, 2012
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Today we live in a world where we are told "children are the future," but given no opportunity to prove it. We are told "you can be anything you want to be if you work hard," but then laughed at for having some outlandish dream. We are told "you can believe in anything you want to believe in," but then later silenced for being too opinionated.

If we are the future why aren't we given a chance to prove it? Of course there are those few greatly determined kids that amazingly get a bill passed. They have speeches, protests, marches, meetings, and most importantly help from adults. Why does it take all that to be head? If i am the future why don't I have the power alone to change anything? I want to be heard. I want someone to be able to tell me "you can do it" and actually mean it.

As small children many of us dream of being the president of the united states and have grown up to think how foolish we once were. Well why is that so foolish? If we live in the land of equality and opportunity why is it that when we try and pursue dreams as such we come to the realization that it just won't happen. When the founding fathers wrote "All men are created equal" were the children left out? Do the adults that run our country today forget that they were once kids just like you and me begging to be heard?

People have forgotten that "children are the future." What will it take to remind them?

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