When I was the Cyber Bully

July 14, 2012
By Anonymous

It all started when I was in 7the grade. When I had transferred to my new school.There was this girl named Daniele and to me she had it all. The clothes that I wished I could wear, the friends that I wanted to hang out with, but better yet, the boy that I wanted.I was so jealous of her that occasionally I would say things like "Would you mind if I go out with your boyfriend after you guys break up?" I was just so reckless. She would always brush it off as if she didn't care but I knew that it always bothered her.They broke up in October and by June I had him all to myself. In some very weird arrangement Daniele and I talked to each other over the summer almost every day. She trusted me and liked me and I used this to my advantage. Because every chance I got I brought up her ex. And even through our relationship was failing, I made it out to be the best thing in the world.I knew that this would hurt her , but I just really didn't care.

So by the time that 8the grade came I knew that I had stolen everything from her. Not only did I have her boyfriend, I had her friends and was one of the top students in our class. I had gained all the bragging rights that I had wished for only a year ago.This made her feel bad but once again I didn't care,this was my school now and I was going to do what I wanted.

That summer was when I took it to an extreme level. On graduation night, me and another friend of mines went on Facebook and posted very mean things on her page. Such as "Blue is not your color." "You look pregnant!" and to make it even worse, "You are so ugly,stop posting pictures." After she read them I'm sure that she felt hurt and embarrassed because they were posted publicly so others could read it too. I knew the dangers of cyberbullying but just felt like those rules didn't apply to me anymore.

Over the next few months my actions played over and over in my mind because I had finally realized what I had done.So this past April I decided to apologize. After she accepted my friend request, I left three really long messages in her inbox because I really wanted her to know how sorry I was. And even though our friendship will never be the same, we know that it is best to take baby steps.If I could go back right now I would have never even done it.Because even through my words didn't hurt me it surely effected me in negative ways. I learned from this and promised myself that I would never make another person feel this way as long as I live.

The author's comments:
"I want you people to learn that it is never good to bully because it could be emotionally scarring to others. And that also it is not worth the guilt and unhappiness you feel afterwards."

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