June 14, 2012
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Do you know where you are?
Huh. You don’t seem to mind.
Never have, never will. I’m alive, and you’re wary of me. I’m positively thrilled.
Wary? Hardly. Just curious, dear. You are extremely powerful. Too powerful for Earth dwellers, I’m afraid.
I assume you’re not human then?
Human? Yes. Do I live on Earth? No.
Where do you live then?
Ha! Your persuasion holds no sway with me. I’m like you, you know.
“God damn it! No, no, no! Not right!!” Pounding on the delete button. Words disappear. Empty page, blinking cursor. “Not strong enough.”
She slid into the room like
“Like what?” Tapping of useless pen on laptop. Puff of air blowing bangs from face. Vibrate. Vibrate. Click of the button to open the message. Clink of phone settling back onto counter. Back to thinking. “No good!!” 28 clicks of the button. Words disappear. Empty page, blinking cursor. “The new-fangled way, huh?” Hair being messed with, pushed back from her face. “…”
What do you write when there isn’t anything to be said? It’s there, right there, resting on the brink of greatness and lost memories. The words are all there, waiting to be used in the right order. Characters line up, dragging along they’re personalities, favorite people, and histories. Settings shuffle around, mountains and swirling forests mixing together with merpeople filled seas and witch filled skies. They slip behind favored heroines, steadying the hero’s feet, working with the villain or against him, serving as the temptress’ home, hiding her in its nooks and crannies. The supporting cast slips around, settling in with heroes, their enemies, love interests, and families. And all the author has to do is pull them from the back of their mind and put them on paper. But, it’s much harder than it seems, because none of the words are cooperative. They all want to be used at the most important part.
“That’ll do.” Laptop lid clicking closed. Rattling of a pen rolling down a desk. Lights go dark. Door closes. And the words are left alone to stare after the author that had them so close to a story.

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