The Peace Keeper

July 7, 2012
I love many things. I love the feelings I get when it is 70 degrees out and I am sitting outside on the grass. It makes me tingle how the grass hugs my legs, and the sun lays a warm blanket over me. When the birds sing a song so beautiful I can feel my heart start to fly and the trees are so green they take my breath away. I look up for a moment and see my friends, laughing, smiling, and having a good time. We are all just enjoying life. I love these moments.

I don’t love moments when I’ve said something wrong. I have just told my friend she doesn’t look her best. She starts crying. Her friend is upset at me. My own guilt eats away at me. The sun hasn’t been out in days. The rain is coming down harder than ever and I feel sick. These are the moments where I need to say “I love you”. This is the time the value of love can heal the pain of a mistake.

Whenever I think back on tragic times in the worlds history for example slavery. I ask myself how they made it through. What was the purpose of life to the people who were treated as if their life didn’t matter? Many times it has come down to love, the love of one another, the love of God, and the love of freedom.

The other day I was on YouTube and I watched a video. A man told a story of how he was in a war. There was only one sniper left on the opposing side. Neither side wanted to fight anymore but they were ordered to wait until the sniper left. The man took out his saxophone in the middle of the night and started playing. Once the morning arrived the sniper came over and said the only reason he did not shoot was because he heard this music. The music reminded him of his family. The music reminded him of people he loved and he didn’t shoot, he didn’t kill because of love. Love is a peacekeeper.

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