The Loss of a Bestfriend

July 6, 2012
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight for a thousand miles. I run down the stairs and

into the living room of our Italian designed home to greet my mother. Instead of hearing the television or the radio there was dead silence. The only

sounds were the fish tank's filter and our slow breaths.
As I emerged from the stair case the room got more dull and dark. Every slight bit if not any happiness or chance of happiness was gone, completely

gone. I didn't want to find out what mother was so upset and bothered by but I knew I was going to.

"Hi Mommy" I said kind of sympathetically before asking what was the matter.
"Sit down babe. I have to tell you something about Daddy." She replied holding back the tears.

"Is he coming home? Are we going to see him?" I ask excitedly trying to brighten the mood.

"No Kaylee. Just sit down." I sit in the chair across from her. She says calmly and trying to hold back the tears, "Honey, last night, Eddie

passed away." She couldn't hold it in anymore she burst into tears. As she cried I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't let myself. But it didn't

work I gave in to all the signs that the tragic news was true and there was nothing I or anybody else could do about it.

Right away I burst and ran outside. My cat was on the back of my grandfather's '64 GTO with a white hard fabric top and body and matching

interior, and came running up to and jumped on lap. All I could do was cry for him and plead that i would hear his truck
rolling down the rocky, unpaved, gravel road and turning into the driveway. Just sit and pray that i would see him again and that it was all just a dream

or a sick and cruel joke or even a mistake or misunderstanding. i kept telling myself,"He can't be gone! He Loves us too much! We love him too much! He

can't be gone! HE'S NOT GONE!!"

My mother would hear me scream this out into the world. Seeing me beat myself up[ over something that would scream for the rest of my

life or my existence killed her inside. She couldn't bear to see her baby act this way. She couldn't force herself to believe that everything was going to

be okay again. She knew that my behavior would stick for a while. And it did.

I learned that even though someone has passed away physically doesn't mean that they're really gone. My father will always be with me in

my mind, heart, and soul.

Rest in Peace Daddy. I love you forever.

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