Why Do People Lie?

July 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Why do people lie so much? It’s not like they will die if they tell the truth. So why do they lie so much? It really hurts when you discover that your best friend told you a lie. I mean they could have told us the truth. We would have tried to understand them. Isn’t trust the base of friendship? Then why do they LIE. Ling doesn’t only include lying u know to get away from punishment or protect something. It also includes cheating as in a relationship or ditching for something better. People say if you want changes to take place you should start with yourself. But whoever said this I guess they forgot about liars, who with their lying hurt the feelings of other. One moment you trust someone so much that you are ready to die for them and the next moment you discover all this time that person was just LYING to you. How pathetic is that? In all this heart breaking process how can you change the world? You try your best to be good but the other person just breaks your heart with all the lies and that too stupid ones and for stupid reasons!! So my question to you is that is lying so important? If yes, then why every single second of the day?

The author's comments:
It really does hurt when someone lies to you !!

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