Opening Night

June 29, 2012
By LaurenGraceMahoney BRONZE, Elkins, West Virginia
LaurenGraceMahoney BRONZE, Elkins, West Virginia
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It's opening night. backstage, the tensions are as high as the legs of the dancers in their warm-up stretches. The smell of hairspray and old, worn tulle is overwhelming, but welcoming. In the wings the first dancer paces nervously, awaiting the time to make her big debut and to shine on stage. The curtain give an almost imperceptible wave and is soon followed with a harsh whisper of, "No rough-housing!" The soft din of the crowd is hushed as the lights over them dim, and the curtain is raised. The spectators are holding as the first sweet tones of strings and flutes pulse out around them. Little to they know that the performers backstage are doing just the same. Finally, the first beautiful dancer steps onto the stage, her long legs and arms moving almost effortlessly as she takes her position center stage. The music swells, and the dancer springs into action, twirling and leaping as gracefully as could be. A silent sigh of relief is emitted by everyone backstage. Opening night has finally begun.

The author's comments:
This piece was written in my english class during this past year, it holds a lot of meaning to me because I wrote about my personal experiences as a ballet dancer, and the pressure that comes with doing what I love.

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