True Love or Crush ?????

June 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Love the only base which supports life. Everybody needs it believe me or not. I need it to. You know how when we’re small and think like there’s someone made for us – our perfect soul mate, our prince charming and that we might meet him when the moment’s perfect and how we plan up that fantasy which we want to come true but when you really meet him it’s like nothing that you imagined but the point is – is he really our true love or just a crush ? Then all the sleepless nights comes around and our stomach’s having butterflies jumping up and down and our heart takes over our brain. All we can think about is just about that one person. I’m sure while reading this every one of you will have someone on your mind. While I was in 7th grade. My teacher changed my seat and made sit next to a guy who in the next few weeks became my best friend. Some people take months to become friends and that too not so close but we became so close that we told each other our deepest secrets. Then in 8th grade I had to leave the country for like 2 months everybody thought I wasn’t going to come back. That time I saw tears in his eyes. But eventually I did came back and when I told him on the phone he was like he wanted to see me that instant. That moment was just perfect for me. I realized that he was just perfect for me. But the only problem was he had a girlfriend who was cheating on him. I knew he would be shattered and he was when he came to know about it. But like any other friend I held my best friend and fully supported him. Then I realized he loved me too. But hey this was not the ending. I made a mistake and totally ruined it. He made another friend... Actually another best friend if I should say and fell in love with her. My apology was accepted and I got him back but still to this day present I love him. Sometimes I think he loves me too but there’re times when I think he loves her and not me. All I really want to say is everybody have their moments when they think they are in love but do they actually are????

The author's comments:
Love is not about finding the perfect someone, it's just about finding someone whom you're perfectly comfortable with.

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