My Friend's "Cousin"

July 2, 2012
By Happygolucky BRONZE, London, Other
Happygolucky BRONZE, London, Other
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You're selfish and you're mean and you only care about yourself.Its hard to please two people at once and i'm too nice to think you're so perfect but you're not.i hope one day someone tells you that.before i met you i was happy even though i'd been through lots.i'd forgotten all the bad things but you came,you and you're perfect life .you got me down and;re mean to you;re "cousin",my friend, push her around and she puts up with it and she forgives me all the time for letting you get away with it.i wish i could start again i would aviod you.i would avoid wishing for another friend.At first i thought i'd got my wish.WE thought we'd got a new freind.But we had'nt got a best friend.
We'd got a worst enemy...

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