Are you broken hearted? Come and read this!

June 26, 2012
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“I hope this won’t change anything between us!”… Are you kidding me? No way! This has to be…no MUST be a joke! Seriously?! Come on you BROKE my heart! You destroyed our friendship and you want me to keep things as they were? Sorry, but either it is too funny to be serious or too incredible to be possible! How come?

What’s wrong with you guys? Are our feelings that much insignificant to you? Do you have hearts…Are you at least human beings? Damn it! I just don’t get it! And I don’t want to because it makes no sense. You say Girls are too sensitive; they fall from first sight, keep on talking about their lovers, cry the tears of their body at the first complication, life makes no sense for them when they’re brokenhearted…YEAH! At least we show some emotion! But you guys are heartless! I’m not ignorant I know you keep everything locked inside but what for? Saying:” I love you” is not going to kill you or make you weak! Things would be much easier and simple for both sides if you let us in!

He was everything to me, now he’s just that person I’m trying hard not to hate. The reason of this? Got no idea guess he wasn’t ready to move on to the next step, incapable of saying three words that could have released us (well, if we consider the fact that he might have ever loved me). But now, it is all about how to move on and step ahead. We might be too sensitive, we might overreact but when we’re hurt, when we suffer, when we bleed in silence, we can do everything and anything. I can pretend not love him anymore, she can pretend not to have seen him when he passed by her, you can pretend not to care; we can pretend to be fine when we’re not. But you guys you will have to get out of your world if you don’t want to lose her, me or US. I know you have feelings; you care, you wish secretly to see her, wait for her call, but please stop the drama! You’ll hurt yourself before her and then it’ll be too late to tell her:”I hope this won’t change anything between us!” cause I’ll tell you: it’s never going to be as before…because she will do just like me, pretend to be fine and tell him:”No, it won’t change anything”.

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