Night Walkers

June 25, 2012
By dogdaysareover SILVER, Cranford, New Jersey
dogdaysareover SILVER, Cranford, New Jersey
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Walking at night I feel so vulnerable. It's like the truth or the light inside me wants to burst out of my body and prove itself a contender to the darkness. If it was daytime I'd stay hidden. If I was sitting I'd be secretive. But its nighttime. But I'm walking. And I'm not hidden. And I'm not secretive. If it was night forever there'd be no mystery. If it was day forever there'd be no relief. The light comes and goes as does my vulnerability. So I walk and as I walk I reveal and as I reveal I feel close. I feel close to the person walking next to me. The boy who has become my best friend. The boy who listens to the pettiest of my concerns and voices his own. The boy who is just as affected by the night and by the walking as me. The boy who I want to walk at night with forever. So when I feel vulnerable walking at night, I am comfortably vulnerable and I am happy.

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