A New Look Down the Street

June 25, 2012
From rustic to growing, to just trying to fit in. Each house has a personality about it. This personality being given to it by the owner. It sheds a whole new light.

Kittens playing in the garden makes an ordinary house look playful and promising. But just looking across the street you see a rusted car belonging to a lonely house. Look! Safe, secure and protected shown by just marking children's bedroom windows in case of fire. A lamp post, curiosity and imagination like viewing the house in Narnia. A one story house, nothing added in front, just one line. A floor, sides, and a roof turned into a house belonging by the beach on a grassy hill. Taking in the ocean breeze and listening to the waves. All because of a simple replica lighthouse. Then of course, no street would be complete without, the house on the hill. The one you stand in front of arguing with friends on who will be the one to ring the doorbell to say trick or treat. Hoping, oh hoping, that what lies behind the bushes isn't something that will gobble you up in mere seconds. Now, the Old lady's house on the corner. Seeming abandoned with unkempt bushes, flowers planted with cheer wilted but still trying to grow, and an empty chair sitting under the porch. Waiting. Then, the unique house looking for an excuse to fit in but never seeming to find it but perfect that way. Fenced in from new ideas. But then you turn around. You've forgotten the house on the other end. The growing house, long from adulthood. Still looking for it's own personality. My house.

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