June 11, 2012
By Delia12345 BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Delia12345 BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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I believe that every school should have dance classes. I believe this because you can stay in fit. It lifts up your mood. It also improves overall well-being.

Dance is a great way to stay in shape. If you don’t like the gym, dancing can bring the fun back into the exercise. It burns your calories. Dancing is all about moving your body. Losing weight is fun and enjoyable. It also bring improved health to you.

Any exercise can raise your spirits. If you're upset , or tired , or worried about something it can lighten your mood. Dance can build emotions by giving you a sense of success and achievements when you master it.

Dance has an outstanding positive effect. Besides being a good form of exercise it also makes us smarter (something to do with remembering the dance steps). There are of course so many more benefits of dancing.

I’m a dancer , and whenever i dance i feel like i been dancing for years. Especially when i dance hispanic music. Dancing is a amazing feeling , in my opinion.

My dance company is called “American Reporty Ballet”. I danced there since i was in third grade. Ever since i dance i started getting stronger muscles on my legs and arms. I use to be a very weak person, but since i entered ballet it changed me completely. It made me tougher.

Dancing is just the best thing to do. Like when i dance ballet it brightens my day. Also, When I tell people I dance they assume that I meant I teach dance. But after explaining that I dance because I like it and want to, most people think it is interesting. Most of the time, they ask me if I dance for our local ballet company (American Reporty Ballet). It is flattering that they think that I look like a professional dancer... they obviously haven't seen me dance, I am good but not that good! I usually say that I just take classes.

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