Facing My Fear

June 13, 2012
By , Colts Neck, NJ
I’ve always been scared of heights. I don’t know what it is about being high up, but I’ve never liked it. Our family was away at our ski house. It wasn’t skiing season but we could still ride our ATV’s in the mountains. We had gone to the main street in town to get something to eat. My sister Abby kept saying that she saw signs for helicopter rides. So we read the next sign we saw, and there were helicopter rides!
“If you guys really want to do the helicopter ride, then I’ll take you on,” said Dave. I of course didn’t like the idea of going up in a helicopter and riding through the mountains! What if we crash and no one can find us because we’re in the middle of nowhere?
“Emma, isn’t this so exciting,” my sister, Abby, asked as we were getting in the car.
“Well… I guess so,” I said. I did not want to go in the helicopter, but I knew if I said I didn’t then my mom would have to stay behind and not be able to go in the helicopter! So I decided to keep quiet. Once we arrived at the field where the helicopter takes off and lands, we parked the car and my stepdad went to buy tickets for all of us. As we were walking over to the middle of the field we heard the helicopter coming back. I looked up and saw it land right in front of us! The pilot helped the other people out, and helped us inside the helicopter.
“Now everyone, you need to wear these headsets to be able to communicate with each other. Is there anywhere specific that you want to fly over?” the pilot asked us.
“Yes, could you fly over our house, right by the river?” asked Dave.
“Sure, I don’t go around that area that much. This will be a fun helicopter ride!”
Once we all put our seatbelts on, the pilot started the helicopter, and in no time we were flying through the mountains of New York. Once we were up in the air, I realized that we weren’t going to die from a plane crash and I started to loosen up. I thought to myself ‘wow I faced my fear!’ When we landed I was ready to go back into the air and keep flying.

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