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June 7, 2012
By , Oshkosh, WI
When society thinks about reading the first thing that I think comes to their mind is boring. I used to think that to but all reading isn’t boring, the majority of it is good.

When reflecting upon myself as a reader prior to freshman year, I realized that this year I actually enjoyed books, and it’s helped me in all my other classes. I improved in my ability’s as a reader so it will help me in the future.

In the article Reading reasons the author Kelly Gallagher explains that “reading is rewarding” (Gallagher 17). I also believe that reading is rewarding because you get to just relax and read a good book. It’s also rewarding because it really does make you smarter in all your other classes, as I started reading more I discovered that.

As a freshman I came in willing to read a book, but I also thought it was pretty stupid. I thought what’s the point of reading? It’s not going to help me in the future anyways. I think that it struck me that I first liked reading after I read the book The Summer I turned pretty I think it was after that book that I started reading more, I ended up reading the entire series. It was basically about a girl named Belly and she had two best guy friends that she liked, and they both liked her. In the end of the story she ends up with one of the guys, I thought it was a very cute series.

Next I will talk about how successful I have been this year with reading. As a beginning freshman my SRI score was in the 800s, as I read during the school year and did analyses about The Hunger Games and Romeo and Juliet I became a more experienced reader, reading twice as many books as I did in the beginning of the school year. When the time came to take our SRI again my score raised to the 1000s. I thought that was pretty impressive.

Although I love reading I also hate it, I hate reading books we have to such as Romeo and Juliet. I thought it was to complex and I would never understand what they were talking about. During the middle of the book though, I started understanding the text, and actually started enjoying it.

Poems on the other hand, they are most definitely too hard to figure out what they’re talking about, I think it’s because they don’t state there message of the piece and you have to try to find it yourself. I think that poems can also be confusing if it isn’t written properly, and it’s choppy.

Since the beginning of the school year my attitude towards reading has improved tremendously I read twice as many books as I did in the beginning of the year, during the summer I will also continue reading. I think that in the beginning of the year I could just slide by not reading when I didn’t want to. My attitude changed when I figured out that it would have an impact on my grade.

My goals for next year as a reader would be just to continue reading lots, and maybe read more complicated book with bigger words, so I can learn more words. I really liked this English class because I pushed myself as a reader and writer.

In conclusion my reading skills will definitely help me in my future; I hope that this class will help me be more successful in the future. Reading is a huge part of my everyday life now.

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DongHoon said...
Nov. 28, 2012 at 10:54 am
nice job loved the word choice
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