My Lifeguard Walks On Water

June 6, 2012
A lifeguard is a person designated to an area to watch over the people as they swim in water. The guard’s job is not only to make sure that the people swimming don’t
drown, but that they also follow the policies put before them so everyone stays safe. As
you can see, the lifeguard’s name is self-explanatory. Besides having a lifeguard at my
local swimming pool to protect me, I also have another lifeguard. His name is Jesus and
he has miraculous abilities. You may notice that Jesus cannot only save me from the
clutch of wild waves on the sea as he so miraculously did with Peter, but he can raise the
dead, provide spiritual nourishment, award blessings, and so much more. There have
been many miraculous stories with my family over this last year but I will share one that
still touches my heart to this day. My mother had a massive stroke. There were times my family and I would visit her in the hospitals she received her treatment in. It was
very depressing to see the array of tubes in her mouth and nose, as she lay in the
hospital bed. Her eyes appeared to be slightly open as she would try to recognize the
loved ones standing by her bedside. The doctors constantly told my grandmother and
grandfather that there was no doubt that she would soon die. They tried to convince us
that it would be better to just let her go. I’m here to tell you that we haven’t given her to
the lord yet. In fact the tubes that were once in her mouth and nose are there no more.
Along side the suggestions of letting my mother “checkout” and saying she will surely
die, the doctors seemed even more cynical when it came to whether my mother would talk
again or walk again. After long tedious practice and frustration from little
setbacks, my mother’s determination earned her voice back. Now she talks clearly with
vibrant enthusiasm. She still has a long way to full recovery, but my families prayers and
promises to her of never giving up on her is still standing strong and firm today and always will. In Matthew chapter 14, verses 29 through 30 it says,
[“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came
toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, beginning to sink, cried out,
saying, Lord, save me.”] Jesus sure enough didn’t let Peter drown. If you were to drown
in a pool, you shouldn’t have to call out for their help because lifeguards
watch over people all the time observing it is their duty to save you. Jesus watches over
us also. Jesus wants us to know that he will always be there when we need him. He will
bring us through the storm like he did for his disciples in the chapter of Matthew. In verse
30 it says that when the rough winds began to blow, Peter began to fear that Jesus
wouldn’t reach him in time and soon as a result of Peter’s doubt, Peter began to sink.
Jesus wants us to know that we don’t have to doubt him because he is always there. He
never lets us down. The fact that Jesus is resourceful is incredible. No one else is
trustworthy like he is. If I were to ever begin to drown in the sea of depression,
doubtfulness, and sin I’m sure I could rest my assurance in Jesus.

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