Excuse the Rumors, Let Me Introduce Myself

May 12, 2012
rumor (ru-mor) - A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

I am made up of rumors; my identity to be defined by them. The gullibility for people to even believe in them disgusts me. Lack of social intelligence if you ask me. It hurts having two indenties. The one you know and the one spectators from the outside know from unkowledgable sources. I am not a s***, I just flirt. I am not pregnant, i'm not the skinniest person. I am not that awful "B" word, You just don't like my attitide. I am not ugly, I just don't look like you. I am percieved that way. These words of fiction can be crippling to my confidence, I feel trifled. People smile to my face but spit on my name. I am never called by my name when mentioned in conversation. It's replaced with b****, s***, or w**** anything that makes you feel belittled. Imagine walking into a classroom and you're drowning in eyes that sting and are judging you. Imagine walking down halls and and being swarmed by echoes of voices that snicker about you. Through the rumors, I discovered so many things that I didn't even know about myself. Words are our most powerful weapon, they hurt more than a heavy punch. Rumors feel like permanant scars, a stamp. But I would like to introduce myself properly. I am Strong, I hear something and act like it doesn't kill me. I am kind, sometimes mistaken for flirting or 'fakeness'. I am pretty but not beautiful, flaws shouldn't have to be pointed out by someone else. I am not a model but my body is mine, and i only have one, therefore i take care of it. I don't take in terms of trying to be the coolest person in the room. I'd just like for to remember...If you ran like your mouth did, you would be in good shape!

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ArtemisVale said...
Jan. 23, 2013 at 9:11 am
Absolutely relatable and honest – that makes it amazing. 
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