Can't Write

May 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t write about anything? You’re just sitting in English watching the clock for writing time to be over? Well I’m having one of those days. I guess you can stop reading this paper now. Ya I know that you’ve only read the first four sentences but this is it. The rest is just a blank page waiting for black ink to be written over it. The thing is the blank page will have to wait until the write can find something to write.

Well I guess I can talk about how my day has been so far. School days are never fun though. Just go though the day having teachers yelling at you for goofing off because you’re throwing a paper ball across the class or that you’re talking in class, not like I would ever do that I never get in trouble. All jokes a side I find school very interesting with the group of kids I hang out with. I think the best part of my friends is that we know when enough is enough, even if the teachers don’t we do. I know we goof off sometimes but I don’t think we goof off enough for are teachers to dislike us. At least I hope not because I like to form a relationship with my teachers because that always helps me in the long run. In this gifted program we have the same teacher from 6th through 8th grade so it’s almost a requirement to form a relationship with them. It helps when you’re in band auditioning for 1st chair and you’ve practice for a long time and you bomb it. Luckily the band teacher knew me enough that it’s really weird that I failed and will give me a second chance when everyone else auditions. I wouldn’t have had that if I didn’t know my teacher well enough and I was glad that I did.

Well just talking about my day has gotten me this far but I still have another page to go. I guess I could talk more about myself and tell you about my experience being new to the area and to school. I never found it hard to move from California to here, in fact when I heard we were going to move I was really existed because it gave me a chance to kind of start over. I could be who ever I wanted to be and the people here would never know that I changed personality. The thing I didn’t change all that much because I decided that whshouldnt’t I be myself? There are people out there that will be my friend if I asked me for who I am. The gifted program helped me a lot being myself because even if it doesn’t seem like it. I was with a group of kids were somewhat like me. If you look at the group of friends everyone has made they are all similar in many different ways. Just look of my group of friends we all are really alike. For example, both Max and I are big music kids, even if Max is five times better than me. But generally friends are very alike and that’s what makes them friends. I think that finding friends very quickly helped a lot because it helped me with that transition between California to here. Also I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers who knew what they were doing.
Well would you look at that I wrote 3 pages even if it’s double space. I guess this is the best way to write about something when you can’t think about anything else to write about. Expect some more of these thought out the school year. Well I bid you a fair well and I will see you tomorrow or Monday if you read this over the weekend.

The author's comments:
This is a piece I wrote one day when I couldn't think about what you write. This short story is just to show that you can write about anything and if you keep going, you will soon have something to turn it to your teacher, or just for fun.

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