June 7, 2012
By PaisleighT BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
PaisleighT BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Because you can always find a new way to make life interesting- whether it be a crazy dance or a senseless rap about a random object. Because even as you get older, you still play with imaginary ninjas in the backyard and ride your bike like it’s a motorcycle being chased by a bounty hunter in the parking lot.
Because you know how to make me laugh even when I feel like yelling at you, and even though I pretend I hate it, you make me play board games and get in touch with my inner-child. Because you are inventive and can make up ways to have fun even when we are bored to tears.
Because of all the times you agreed to play Polly pockets with me when you could have been playing with your TMNT action figures. Because you never cease to amaze me with how long you can go without showering. Because I secretly take comfort in the fact that you still occasionally ask me to wrap you up like a caterpillar before bed, even though you know I’ll I refuse.

Because you can’t take “no” for an answer when you ask me to watch you play a video game. Because I can tell when you want to lick the batter bowl because of the sheepish grin on your face when you walk into the kitchen and say “is it done yet?” Because you entertain me when your friends come over and butcher Taylor Swift songs on karaoke.
Because you let me watch my favorite T.V shows when you would rather be watching “Eerie Indiana” or some cheesy Japanese action flick with subtitles. Because you find humor in the little things of the world and you laugh at my stories.
Because you’ll always be “schmoog” who plays in the yard and begs me to play one on one with you promising to “go easy” because you know I’m awful. Because you’re part of my life and you’re stitched into most of my memories for better or for worse. I love you because you will always be my little brother no matter what.

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