Falling Off My Bike

June 13, 2012
By Anonymous

One day I was riding my bike with one of my friends. While I was riding my bike I accidently hit his back tire. When I hit it my handle bars were swinging side to side. I was think in my head when that what happening “what if I break a leg or an arm”. But before I could react I was on the pavement lying there motionless. But I wasn’t moving because all I see is my bike fly over me and my tire almost hitting me. So after I got up I felt a strong numbing pain in my right arm, when I looked at it I had noticed that my bone was popping out. I have broking my arm. Everyone that had saw me crash came to see if I was ok. But when they all got there they noticed my arm and all of them started freaking out especially my mom. So while I was there crying everyone was pulling out there phones and calling 911.

When the cops came I was still crying the medics were trying to get me in the ambulance when my mom was saying, “David everything is going to be fine just be brave”, she said. But when they closed the door I started to cry even more but all they were trying to do is get me to stop crying. They were putting all these needles in me and but I wouldn’t let me so they put a mask on me and I fell asleep. So after I woke up I was already at the hospital. So when I woke up the doctor had noticed that I woke up and called my parents in. when they walked in my mom ran to me to see if I was ok, but the doctor had stopped her because I didn’t have my cast on. So a couple of minutes later the doctor came back in and put on the cast. So after all that drama I went home and fell asleep.

The author's comments:
this was a true story when i had turned 10.

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