The Dark Night

May 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Every days a pain for me to wake up knowing what i know,to have gone through it not once but twice,to have seen what iv seen, to feel what i feel everyday because of that dark night i wish to not see another, every time i even hear the date of that dark night my heart starts to beat like its gonna explode "badum...badum...",faster and faster it goes until i pass out, every time i hear his name my arm throbs until i drag that sharp blade across it, everyday i feel this pain...its worst at night i cant eat nor sleep because of that dark night,i cant take this life my mom says there a god and hes our father where was he when this happened to me,my father yea right...that made my beliefs worse a father who lets this happen to his some father...i cant get it out of my head its driving....its driving me insane its slowly eating me alive inside and out my brain so full with memories of that dark night i feel like its going to explode "ka-booom", now I'm dizzy and tired why did that night have to come...why did it have to happen to me is my so called father telling me i deserve it...if i could make any wish in the world it would never let this happen to anyone else...

The author's comments:
this was written to all the people that went through this as well and its best to tell someone i have but make sure u and that one person share some type of close relationship they are the best people to tell and never say no one understands what your going through because half the world me

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