Fitting Into High School

June 13, 2012
By LondonC BRONZE, Sacramento, California
LondonC BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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- Jon Krakauer

Have you ever had to assimilate in your life? What is Assimilation? How do people try to assimilate? How do you feel about assimilation? Assimilation means fitting in like when you don’t belong or something you try to struggle or fit into whatever you can’t fit into. Also like when you try to fit into high school, with teachers, students or anybody else. In Latin studies Latino/a’s struggle to fit in because they can’t speak English. Latino/as culture immigrants also struggle to assimilate fit in. We see them trying their best to fit in and learn the language so they can become a part of the public culture. Everyone eventually will have to assimilate or fit in throughout life no matter what.

In Latin studies, Latino/as struggle to fit in because they can/t speak English. Pebble Creek states, “Here you have to prove yourself all over again.” Basically Creek is saying that people have to start over by proving themselves. Also they have to at least try to fit into wherever they need to fit into. I think that they are trying to prove themselves over again. I also think that they are trying to fit into what they need to fit into. I also think that people try to fit in. Latino/as try their best to speak English so they can fit in. They struggle to fit in cause of their language and that’s hard for them, because it takes forever to learn a new language for some people. In conclusion they have to fit in the best way that they can. Also sometimes when they learn a new language to fit in they forget their language because they don’t speak it any more.

Latino/as have to assimilate to public culture when they are in the United States. In “Aria” Richard Rodrigues states,” I am speaking with ease in Spanish. I am addressing you in words I never use Los Gringos.” Basically he is saying that he is speaking Spanish while he is telling us this and he would never do it in Los Gringos. Also that he speaks Spanish at home and when he is somewhere else he has to speak English and forget about his language. In Latin studies Latino/as have to assimilate because they e speak only Spanish and they have to speak English to fit in. Also Richard is saying that he has to r assimilated but when he is at home he needs to speak Spanish. When he starts assimilating he has to forget his language and only speak English. Richard Rodriguez will assimilate in public culture. Also that since he has to speak the public shouldn’t forget his language. They shouldn’t forget their language because it’s theirs and it belongs to them and their language shouldn’t go away ever.

As a student I struggled to fit into a new school with new teachers and students.

It has been tough for me moving from one school to another over and over again because, I hated having to keep moving over and over again. Also because I hated having to meet new people and getting used to them and knowing them very well, and then having to leave them and meet new people. I hated having to start over again with new people, like students and teachers. Also since I am so shy and quiet, I don’t like meeting new people. Also I don’t like speaking out loud or in front of a lot of people because I’m so shy and very quiet. Since I’m so scared and I don’t like it I have to deal with all this stuff throughout my whole entire life. This I me and this is how I will always be my entire life. I always hope that I will get over it and start assimilating but, I can’t no matter how hard I try. My life will always be like this no matter what goes on or where I go through life.

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Jayhawk said...
on Jun. 28 2013 at 3:27 pm
I liked your essay because you used the theme of the book to tell your own story, to tell how you feel. I think most teenagers struggle to fit in, some more than others. You are introspective & learning so much about yourself. The skills you are acquiring will help you deal with life.

jj77 said...
on Jun. 28 2013 at 12:47 pm
This essay reminds me that we all struggle to fit in to our environments.  We should all help the people around us to feel accepted and to grow.  Thanks for publishing this. 


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