Just wait until tomorrow. (Twenty-four Hours)

May 26, 2012
By Anonymous

"Just wait until tomorrow." THat's what I tell myself before I'm about to kill myself. I always say that there's one moment of tomorrow that will never happen again, and it's always a good moment. During "tomorrow," a good moment usually does come along. If it doesn't, the impulse to har/kill myself is no longer prominent. Waiting twenty four hours usually does the world a favor, because you're still alive at the end. Two years ago, the twenty four hour rule didn't take twenty four hours. For me, it took about twenty four seconds, if that. Two years ago, I woke up, got irritated, and tried to kill myself. Just like that. I slashed my wrists, took a bunch of pills, and put a homemade noose around my neck. When I got my stomach pumped and stitches in my wrist, I decided to come up with the twenty four hour rule. Now, I'll live twenty four hours longer, regardless of if I want to or not.

The author's comments:
Waiting twenty four hours can mean life or death.

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