My Insulin Pump

June 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Over my vacation I got a insulin pump, it is for diabetes It is so amazing because it is way better than getting shots every day. Since I was 7 I had to get shots every day before I ate breakfast and dinner the only time I didn’t get shots was at lunch time. I would just have to check my number and watch what I ate. But now with the pump, I don’t have to get shots because the pump gives me insulin automatically. And now I could eat whatever I want like candy, and a lot of things. That is my story about how I got a insulin pump over vacation. It was the best thing I ever got…Because for a while I was always complaining about getting shots and I finally decided to get the insulin pump. And my whole family likes it better because it is way easier to control when I have a low or high number. Before it was so difficult because I would literally have to sit there forever and drink like 2 whole water bottles… It stunk because my stomach would hurt after that because I would have to chug it because that is the only way my number would go down… So now I’m glad because I just have to give myself insulin and it will go down like 100 points… that is pretty cool.

The author's comments:
i have had diabetes since i was 7

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