My New Boyfriend

June 3, 2012
By Anonymous

My best friend Mady and I were talking one day before school as we were eating breakfast. I had gotten a new boyfriend recently, and she wanted me to describe him as much as possible. So, I began with his name and continued from there.
“Nate. Six foot two, short black stubby hair and that make his beautiful brown eyes pop within the dark shade of his tanned skin. His personality expressed his passion for the countryside, but his physical appearance showed the complete opposite. On a regular day, weather it's cold or not, he usually wears thin, long, silky basketball shorts with a tee shirt. And to top it all off, he'd wear a big, baggy hoodie over it. To add a little country to his outfit, he'd wear his camouflage hat when he's not in school. When he's at work, he has to wear his Burger King uniform. For his to work at Burger King, I think it fits him well. No, he doesn't like to eat there and no, he's not on the heavy side ether. The reason I say it fit him well, is because of his personality. He's nice, talkative, and hard working. As much as he hates it, I believe he still loves his job. Nate is sixteen years old and is able to drive anywhere. He's a good driver when he wants to be.

He's also a Christian boy. He goes to church every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Me being his girlfriend, I attend with him, on occasions. Nate is the type of guy to be there for anyone in need. If someone is crying, he'd be the one to go over to them and give them a shoulder to cry on and make them smile. He's also the type to speak up and tell someone that somethings not right. When people are around him and their doing bad things, he'd go to them and tell them that that's bad and they shouldn't be doing that. He looks out for everyone. People he doesn't know, people he does know, people he met through other people, everyone. To put all of that into one sentence, I'd say, “Nate has a heart.” At times I think he's too good to be true, but why? He's just like everyone else but better. He shows respect, he has his morals. He doesn't care what other people think. This makes him the person that he is today. And that’s why we decided to date.”
She then said, “He seems like a very nice boy. But, I still need to meet him. Every guy has his weaknesses and I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Yes, of course. Anytime, okay?” I laughed and said, she then agreed, gave me a hug, and we walked to class together.

The author's comments:
This piece was an assignment in my creative writing class. I was told to create a character sketch about a person I care for. I decided to write about my boyfriend. This piece shows my love and affection for him and the way I see him different from how others would.

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