Stepping Stone to Life

June 3, 2012
By Monoshah BRONZE, Mumbai, Minnesota
Monoshah BRONZE, Mumbai, Minnesota
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Problems are even, people crying because of them are even. People fighting it and staying on their grounds are however odd. Be the odd that s what life wants :)

School, our second home.
“I wish I could stay here all day with my friends”, “School? Yes I love going to school, well I have friends there “, “ Second home”, these were some of the answers by teenagers when asked them what makes them get up every morning and go to school? “ I hate school, I get bullied”, “ I like living alone so I don’t have anyone to hangout with, I am a loner”, these were the answers by some of the teenagers when asked them what makes them hate going to school. Move your pupils a little, upwards and now to the left. Have a look at those answers again. “friends” which played a huge impact on these teenagers minds. Compare the first and the last days of your school. Lets be honest, the first day probably was your worst nightmare with billions of questions in your mind. “ what if I don’t get enough friends” “What if I get bullied” and etc. Lets be honest again, don’t these small thoughts affect your life some way or the other? What makes it a good atmosphere for students in school? Well, all of these questions have one straights answer, the relationship. Yes, imagine going to a school without knowing people, attending the same building everyday and you still don’t know the drama, the tragedy, the lattest gossip in school, still don’t know the “hot talk”, don’t know who’s going out with whom, the teachers, the environment. Doesn’t this all include in the answer? Well, ask me and these are what matters the most. The good atmosphere? The feeling you get when you get to know that your crush “likes” you, the feeling you get when your crush writes the number on the locker, the feeling you get that night before your last exam, the texts you get just an hour after coming from school. All of these start entering your life , start entertaining you . It all happens under on single roof. The roof is a 6 letter word namely school. Talking about the “non popular kids”, what makes them come to school? I still remember that day when this girl who used to be called names just because she wasn’t that attractive, had an unexpected talk. After having a talk with her I felt that she herself, so much more loves coming to school as we do. Why was that so? The names, Yes you read that right. We can say that these names build a kind of bond under this roof. Some days she may felt terrible but at the end of the day she somehow does feel a part of the school. Lets sum it all up, school! It builds us, gets us read for that crazy ride we are in namely life.

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