The Last Day

June 2, 2012
By Anonymous

School is full of drama and stress, that’s normal. Sometimes though through all that drama and stress there is always a bright side. Trust me this isn’t supposed to sound corny. Good things can happen. I went out with this one guy for almost two years. Everything was great. He was my first so everything just seemed so surreal. After almost two years he texted me after my birthday and broke up with me. The day after my birthday…..I couldn’t believe it. I called him names in my head to make myself feel better but I knew that I was going to miss him. Anyway, our relationship has been ok. We don’t talk as much as we used to but we got through that awkward stage after you break up with someone. Throughout the rest of the year I always just wanted him to hold me within his arms when we talked, but we all know that that is restricted action if you just broke up with someone. I wanted us to be together again. Literally the day after he broke up with me three of my friends got a boyfriend. It was impossible to tell them my feelings because they couldn’t be open-minded. So being single was as much of a challenge as my AP classes. Last week was the last week of school and on the last day I couldn’t believe what happened. I walked into English class to take my final. I go sit down and my ex sits right next to me. I figured it was no big deal, maybe it was just an accident. We take the final. Next my teacher starts signing my yearbook and sees my ex and I talking. She literally said in front of the whole class that we should go out. My ex looks at me and I knew what he was thinking. HOW AWKWARD. How can a teacher tell my ex and I that we should date? Anyway, we ignore it hoping that we can recover. My ex takes my yearbook without me knowing and writes

“A lot of amusing things has happened to us this year. Haha. I just want you to know that I still regard you as one of my closest friends”
Finality. That is what I got from this. It was small but made my year. We may not be going out anymore but at least I can be certain that we can always remain close friends, and honestly I like being his friend. There is no pressure and if it is a guarantee that he will always be there for me, well then it is a wonderful thing. Long story short, bad things happen and believe it or not it was meant to happen. It may make you a stronger person in the end or maybe you will learn something new. Also, happy endings take times so don’t feel rushed if you haven’t had yours.

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