Eclipse Chasing

June 8, 2012
By Anonymous

In the ways that I can, I really enjoy helping people. It makes me feel as though I am needed and have a purpose. To be of use is a great thing to me and it comes through in my writing. I feel that books and literature they have the power to bring solace and joy and life to people and let them experience things that are otherwise unattainable. Writing brings friends and knowledge and it makes you feel connected. I think that in these days it is one of the few things that bring us together, think of the last good book you read and how excited you were to share it with someone else or how it might have impacted your life. I want to do that for someone, which is one of the few ways I know how to help. To me this ties in with pharmacy because I know that I can learn how to help people in ways many others cannot and this is exciting because I can expand my knowledge and hopefully make a difference somewhere with someone.
I think my biggest weakness is not being able to decide. For the most part I am learning to just go with my gut and not second guess myself.I think I would be J.K. Rowling or Stephen Chbosky or James Patterson because they have written books that have touched so many lives, and that to me is what a superhero does.

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