The Tale of the Blue Violin

May 31, 2012
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Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away a violin knight known amongst his peers as Ben. He was the bravest and purest of the knights under the command of the Earl of Orchestra. Sir Ben was on a quest by the Earl and was roaming across the magic and mysterious lands of the interwebs. It was a dark time in that era and he roamed aimlessly, and eventually found himself at a bartering village known by the name of eBay. He moved about the vendors promising treasures of varying prices as villagers, traders, and royalty alike bartered for the things they needed, or maybe did not need.

It was a length of time before Sir Ben noticed a shining gleam from one of the stands. The auctioneer winked a chestnut eye as he gestured to the glowing violin on the pedestal nest to him.
“Come one, come all! I hold a treasure that neither mere villager nor royalty has ever seen! Despite this rarity, I shall start the bidding at six-pence!” The auctioneer cried and Sir Ben drew his attention fully to the holy item the man was willing to part with.
It glimmered with a hue of blue, richer than the large Lake of Michigan that the kingdom could see past the neighboring kingdom of Oak Creek. The fingerboards of pure onyx as well as the chin rest, so beautifully crafted that the knight knew immediately that it was sacred.
“I would like to bid for this item!” He called out and the auctioneer grinned.
“An orchestra knight, how wonderful! Surely you would know the best of this violin’s potential.” Sir Ben nodded and offered his wager.
“I will bid your six-pence.”
“Would anyone else like to challenge this wager?” The auctioneer called however no other person dared to lay a claim to the violin. It was meant for the knight and they knew not to interfere.
“Well good sir knight, it would seem that the blue violin is now yours!” The auctioneer said as he gestured for the money that the knight gave without hesitation.
“Thank you.” The auctioneer packed the violin in an onyx colored case, matching the violin’s secondary hue, and carefully handed it to the young man.
“Now, this violin is blessed. You must make sure that this violin never falls into the clutches of evil or anyone that is not deserving of this gift.”

Sir Ben took the auctioneer’s words to heart and promised to do just that. It was nearing the end of the knight’s time serving under the earl and he knew that he must keep the blue violin sacred, therefore he devised a challenge. In order for a knight to wield this holy object, they must be a violinist in their final year of service under the direction of the earl, be must be pure of heart, and have incredible musical talent. The blue violin would be bestowed to the next knight worthy enough to bear its power at a ceremony held by the three rulers of the musicians of all the land: the earl of orchestra, the countess of choir, and baroness of band.

Sir Ben bestowed the blue violin upon a worthy knight named Sir Paul. The commencement of the senior knights continued from generation to generation with Sir Paul passing the treasure to Sir Cody who passed it onto Sir Jordan. From that point on, the blue violin was passed onto a female musician; one of the higher senior ladies of court known as Lady Kim. She too fit the designated traits that the founder, Sir Ben, had set. From there, Lady Kim passed the violin down to Lady Kate.

So is the way of the kingdom and how it always shall be. The spirit of Sir Ben will always live through the beautiful blue violin.

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