Community Service Essay

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Last summer, I volunteered for Vacation Bible School and this activity changed my life. Vacation Bible School is a great summer camp that provides children with a basic knowledge about God and their faith in a fun and exciting way. I felt that helping children would be a great task to accomplish. As a result, I volunteered for the assistant leader role of the first grade pack (The Pandas). It was through helping and guiding these children into a greater understanding of God that made it a truly remarkable experience.
My goal as an assistant leader was to be a good role model for all the children. I wanted to show them it was cool and exciting to learn about their faith and that it is so important to have a good relationship with God. Through the sessions, I learned how much fun it is to teach others about God and seeing their excited faces as they learned, was very rewarding to me.
I feel that my experience volunteering for Vacation Bible School taught me to be much more charitable, caring, and brought me closer to God. I’ve learned the importance of giving back for what others did for me and care for others that do not have what I have in this world. I also learned the value of being eager to learn and the importance of sharing your faith.
In all, volunteering for Vacation Bible School not only changed my life, but I believe it may have also changed their lives in some way too.

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