radio city

May 30, 2012
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I went and saw the radio city Christmas spectacular. This was a very cool play because it combined performances with the story around it. There was a young boy and his mother and the mother was trying to pick out the perfect gift for him. He wanted a robot for Christmas but the stores were all sold out of that kind of toy. The mother was sad until she ran into an old man who showed her that the best gift you can get for Christmas was time with your family.
I thought this was a really cool play because there was always something going on whether it was the rockettes dancing of the story being told by Santa and the Child’s mom. There were a lot of different things that I liked in the play. First there were the toy soldiers where they marched and then all fell over like dominos. I also liked the scene where a bunch of people were dressed as toys and were wandering all around while the guy dressed as Santa was singing. Also I like that there was a big screen behind the stage which allowed them to have many different scenes that could be set up quickly.
Over all I thought this was a great experience because I have never seen an actual professional play before. Also since this was during Christmas it was only being played for a short time so I got to see a play that if I had gone any other time I would have missed out on.

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