A Bad Dream Gone Wrong

May 26, 2012
By gogolauraann SILVER, Belleville, Kansas
gogolauraann SILVER, Belleville, Kansas
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I had a cousin that was lost in 2009,
Ever since, I had felt a missing piece to my life.
Haven't felt complete without her alive.

But, the other night, when I was upstairs, in my room. Alone.
Things went from normal to a scary dream but I was awake.
I had a feeling, she was there.
Normally I can see and hear the spirits around me.
But I couldn't the other night.
I was laying on my bed,
Just on my iPod like always.
And, I heard a female voice, sounded kinda like hers.
It said, "Laura, Can you hear me? It's me, your cousin.. I'm Kayla. I know you can hear me."
I was afraid some evil spirit was messing with me. So, I ignored it.
But, when I fell asleep, I heard the voice again.
I couldn't tell what it said.
Then, early that next morning about 2 or so,
I felt the extreme pain that I felt the last time I saw her.
We were on the intertube, tubing on the lake,
Like a normal summer.
But, there was this bad wave,
it cut us off.
As it smacked the intertube,
We both fell off but as she was bigger than I was,
and obviously weighed a bit more,
her knees smacked me the way they did in that accident, and also, what felt as if she had smacked my head like she did during the accident, I woke up with a major migrain like I got that day.
But, what freaked me out the most was,
Every thing that happened in the last hour or so of the day we crashed, to the hour after, I remembered every word and odd moment of it.
And, before I fell asleep,
I felt a hand touch my shoulder, my arm and my leg just the ways she had when she was here. And odd thing was, she would touch me, the same places, every time, the same exact way. Every where she touched me in my life, and hers, I felt a gentle touch like she had touched me. And, I felt like someone or something sat on my bed as I was laying there, as normal, I thought it was my cat, so, I look back to see if it was her, and it wasn't so, then that's when I feel a touch on my arm the way she used to touch my arm.

And, so now, I don't know what to think of it.
And, don't know what that was about, or what that was supposed to tell me. Because the last time I rode the intertube with someone was with my best friend two years ago. We had the same thing but, we both fell of with out being hurt. It was like, we both just slid our own ways. But, that was it. lol. And, yeah. I'm freaked out now.

The author's comments:
I want to share this odd memory of the other night with the world to try to figure out why this happened.

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