He doesn't have to be Prince Charming to the world. Only in my eyes.

May 26, 2012
By escapemyfate SILVER, Salem, Massachusetts
escapemyfate SILVER, Salem, Massachusetts
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"A man who has a "why" to live, can bare with almost any "how." -Nietzsche

I'll never find anyone that will love me. I barely have any friends that love me. Three at the most. Given that they don't talk about me behind my back. I wish my Prince Charming would come along. He doesn't have to be riding on a stallion, trow pebbles at my window, or be talk, dark, and handsome. He can come and get me in a frog crap green mini van wearing a yellow rain coat and a cow suit for all I care. As long as he'll hold the door open for me and hold me close, I'll be okay.Prince Charming, whoever you are, I hope you're out there. I hope you're listening to my cries. Come rescue your princess. Come save me.

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