Freshman Year…

May 25, 2012
By sysamiha BRONZE, Queens, New York
sysamiha BRONZE, Queens, New York
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It was my first day in high school or the worst day of my life. I entered in the school cafeteria with lots of hope and love in my heart . I could only speak few English. With my confusion, I sat down in the first table with a girl name Yasmin, the same last name as me. I went to the auditorium to get my program card. Went directly to my official class where my official class teacher distributed Metro cards and schedule. I saw JROTC class in 2nd period and headed to that classroom. At the end I was find out I was suppose to go to my 3rd period class, not 2nd. I was scared but still I had to head towards cafeteria. It took 15 mins to find out the classes and rooms. I have never been to such a big and messy school, I thought. I was asking other students but they were laughing and directing me the classrooms. For some reason I was feeling that those students are laughing at me without any reason. Somehow the school was over. I came back home and complained a lots of things against my high school. I was hoping to have better tomorrow. Days passed but number of bullies started to become more and I started to lose the strength of my heart. I started to feel everyone is against me. I never respond to them. I had no guts to speak up. People already scared me about high school students. I started consider those 100% correct. High school kids started to make fun of my dressing style. I went to a position where I started to believe everything those students used to say. I knew some girls who tried a lot to change my dressing style and so am I. I end up being sad, rude and hatred for everyone. Months passed. One day, I went to the school and got a feeling of strength inside me. Maybe that was the day I lose my level of patience. I just gave up following other’s instruction; actually I had to give up. I started to turn to my old personality. Bullies started to get calm down. I was feeling that people really want me to be with them. At least I have my other freshmen friends with me. One day I couldn’t wake up on time and missed my school. After that day, when I returned to the school people came up to me and said ‘they missed me a lot’. That one line was a best line in the whole year. Today, I realized that I don’t even see those bullies anymore. I didn’t threat them, neither any teachers did. So how come they don’t make fun of me anymore? Yes, it’s because they can’t find any weakness in me and they are tired of trying. I never wanted to go to the dean’s office. I just fixed my problems on my own. We always feel bad about someone who is being bullied but we never suggest them to have patience and hide weaknesses. If the person who is being bullied doesn’t get enough attention from their parents or neither have close friends, should definitely talk to someone adult who they can trust. By celebrating one day or week for stand against bullying, or wearing purple ribbons with ‘Respect for all’ slogan is not going to change the mind of the bullies. If we really want to stay against bullying, we have to speak up for your on rights. So friends, are we ready to stay against bullying?

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