A Little Thing Called Hope: Prologue

May 25, 2012
As soon as I get into my house I throw myself onto the couch. I am so happy we got out early today. My baby cousin, Sophia, looks up and smiles her huge smile. The cutie is not even one yet she still recognizes me in an instant. I'm her sister's best friend, she'd know me anywhere.
“Hey, I got to go pick up the girls, watch Sophie, yea?" my Mom says taking her keys off the table.
"Sure," I say sitting up.
When my Mom leaves I look at Sophie and say, "So what do you want to do? Want to have a dance party?"
She smiles and giggles.
I smile, "I'll take that as a yes."
I pick her up and we go into my sister's gigantic room. I sit Sophie down on the bed as I turn on my sister's iPod. The first song that plays is Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.
"Okay, Sophie, are you ready!?" I say clapping my hands along with the song.
She laughs.
"Dance, Sophie, dance!" I say throwing my hair around crazily.
Now she is howling with laughter. I'm out of breath, but I'm still dancing. Her laughter is like music. I toss my hair in her face and she laughs even louder. I'm exhausted so I shut off the music and take Sophie into the living room. I sit with her for a second and then I remember that I have to practice piano. I go into my room, grab my piano keyboard and race back to Sophie. She looks at the keyboard wide-eyed.
"Well, Sophie, this here is Bob," I say patting my keyboard.
I set it down and begin to play Merrily We Roll Along, Sophie smiles. She crawls over by my side and presses a key. She looks up at me as if asking if that was okay.
I clap my hands and say, "Yay for Sophie!!"
She laughs and continues playing with the keys. I watch her little hands press down on the keys and smile to myself.
That day was the last perfect moment I can remember having with Sophie. Before my world changed forever.

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