My Encounters with Bullying

May 25, 2012
By G1225 BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
G1225 BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
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My name is Gavin. I have been bullied before. I am overweight and not very active. I get made fun of for being fat. I get laughed at in gym class when I take 20 minutes to run a mile. I have a very hard time doing this mile. It’s not easy when your body is carrying two people. People look at me differently because I am fat. People look at me dirty in the lunch room when I eat my food. People tell me to call Jenny Craig. At school, I am isolated. Nobody likes to talk to me because I am fat and not popular. People think that fat people smell. I am always sweaty, so people definitely don’t want to go near me.

Kids say that I dress like a nerd. I tuck in my shirt and wear glasses. I always think that I look fat. People say that I look pregnant when I tuck it in and my muffin top shows. They say I’ve got jelly roles. Kid’s always yell “Gavin’s fat!” when they pass through the back of my house. I can’t get away from those words. They are always in my head. I’m always with my parent’s and I never hang out with friends. I study way too hard, I have no life.

My doctor says that I am on the verge of having diabetes, but I don’t care. I have no friends who would care either. I’m here alone in this fat body. It wouldn’t matter to anyone if I died of diabetes this day or the next.

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