A Garland Of Innocent Blood

May 25, 2012
By Sohinee BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
Sohinee BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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The heart has reasons that reason doesn\'t understand.

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

Blood. Spattering on the ground. Mercilessly killed in the name of God. Did you hear it? The call of death, the fear ringing remarkably in its last cry before its carried away, marked as dead?
The silent bleat raided the sky, few strained to hear the helpless goat cry. The deadly weapon dismissed its head, people bowed in front of the sacrifice, showing no sign of even, mere regret. Raising their joined hands to Heaven, they prayed for wishes to be fulfilled and vowed, they would practice more of such sacrifices, to please Him, even.
This was way back. Before either you or I was born, a tradition called ‘animal sacrifice’ by which religious priests were sworn. We, never protested, blindly followed the path sublime, treading on our ancestors footsteps, we still stick to this ruthless tradition with the aging of time.

Harmless, yes, that’s what its considered as, the history of this story is sad. Come with philosophy the advent of Hinduism, come with history, the story of religionism. It started out simple and logical, devoid of ill-beliefs and sacrifices, nothing supernaturalistic or impractical. Evolve the religion, along with man, join the forsaken treacherous clan. Welcome the complexity of worship, usher in a theory of divinity-welcome animal sacrifices revered by humanity. The blood was a sign of power, the Goddess Of Destruction would be pleased, so the priests, irrationally, narrated.
Hail the Supreme Power with animal sacrifices, summon the illogical prism of religious myths and society’s evil vices. Animals, important for an agrarian state, shamelessly sacrificed in an inhuman rate.

We, the believers in non-violence, kill animals, in the holy name of ‘God’, observing a sacred silence. Still following the path, blindly, after ages have rolled, we still are witnesses of the Goddess, on the sinfully obtained blood, feasting.

Destroy, kill and plague the nation, the reason why this pastoral country-India, is termed as ‘developing’ by the succeeding generations. Irrational and illogical, mystic and ironical-lies made to appear like truths, oddly, philosophical. A sadistic pleasure hides beneath the zeal , the evil sides of religion gets revealed.

Pause, breathe, think for a second, of the economy we are based on, ask yourself, aren’t we guiding ourselves to become a future victim of ignominy? Believers in the proverb, that “ Ignorance is bliss. “-the path of rationalism is painful, a dark abyss. Caught in the tide of sacrificial blood and tireless religious rites, performed with a narrow mind, when shall we pause, think and cease to rhyme?

The author's comments:
This was written when I went to a rural country side for a small vacation. Animal Sacrifice-still prevails there. It was a sight of sheer disgust and terror for me and that made me write this piece.

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