May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Bullying is a difficult issue to address because it happens across the nation every single day. Victims of bullying all over the country are being bullied for being different. For example, bullied victims may have “big noses” or “big ears.” Homosexuals are a big target for bullies. Students become bullies sometimes because they might have problems at home, and they feel as if picking on other kids will make them relieve the pain. The bullies are only thinking of themselves, not of their victims’ feelings.
The worst part of bullying is that the victims are too fearful of standing up to the bully or say anything about being picked on. If they do not speak up, then the bullying will not stop, In my experience, I remember the time in 5th grade when I was being bullied by my fellow classmates. I was being teased because they said “I had a big nose.” They called me a “pig” and other very hurtful comments. I wanted to cry every time they teased me, but I just kept my tears in and took it like it did not affect me at all. They would hurt my feelings so much that I did not want to go to school anymore because of my fear of being bullied. They made me feel ugly and worthless. I did not say anything about the bullying.

Until one day I just could not take the torture any longer and I told my mom everything. Immediately my mom met with the principal and told him what was happening. The following day, the principal came to our class to address the bullying, but he did not mention any names. I was so relieved that I had told my mom. The bullies came up to me and said “ Why did you tell on us? That can go on our records.” All I said was “That is not my problem. If you have not bullied me, then you would not have a bad record!” After that day, they did not talk to mr or make fun of me anymore.

I am a much stronger and confident person now. I accepted myself the way I am. I understand the victim's’ pain of daily bullying that they face. They should not be scared to speak up and tell an adult about the bullying. Violence and suicide will not stop the problem. The point is that schools have the responsibility of talking to the students about bullying. Schools do not have to wait for something to happen in order to take action in addressing any issue not just bullying. By addressing bullying beforehand the schools can prevent any major accident from happening.

The author's comments:
This piece of work is specifically for the Nick Krisof Bullying Contest. I hope people get to see an actual victim of bullyings' pain and how harsh bullying can be.

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